You’re Stuck With Us

31 Jan


Seeing as ASB registration occured yesterday, we are operating under the assumption that the people reading this blog have signed up for our trip to Pittsburgh.  As such, we will now treat this as a top secret blog in which Lea and I reveal our deepest, darkest secrets, that we only want people on our trip to know.  For instance, I, Martin cannot have a sleep over without mercilessly beating someone up while they are sleeping, and then later blaming it on night terrors when in reality I was awake the whole time-  Phewf.  I’m so glad we are all close enough to tell each other these things, I knew I wasn’t going to feel better until I blogged about that.   

In any case we are all sorts of excited to have volunteers now.  And with this is exciting news comes yet another special anouncement: ASB PROGRAM MANAGER RAY CURRAN IS COMING ON OUR TRIP. 

That’s right folks, one of the two head honchos will be joining us on our adventure to the Pace School.  What?  No!  Of course he isn’t coming on our trip to keep an eye on Lea and I!  Why on earth is that the first thing you thought of?!  Our relationship is getting off to a terrible start…

Anywayz, here is a picture of Ray.  Try to guess which one he is!  Special prize for whoever gets it right!

You’re welcome,

Martin and Lea

In this blog, the parts of Martin Nolan and Lea Madda will be played by their understudies Carmen San Diego and Sherlock Holmes, respectively.

24 Jan



Hey guys, Dinosaur Jack here.  Commin’ atcha from beautiful PITTSBURGH!  This place be hoppin’, GO STEEELERZ!.


-Woah, Dino Jack get outta here.  Lea and Martin have things to say.  Alright, listen up friendship units, HERE IS SOME STUFF:


Bullet point #1) ASB info sessions will be taking place tomorrow (Tuesday, January 25) and Wednesday (January 26) from 7-9 pm Eastern standard time in the Back Court in the George Sherman Union.  All of the trips are gonna be there telling you everything you want to know about their trips.  But you don’t care about any  trip other than Pittsburgh, do you?  DO YOU?!?!  NO, YOU DON’T BECAUSE WE ARE ALL YOU WILL EVER NEED!


Bullet point #2) This Saturday night (January 29) will be the ASB fundraising concert at BU Central at 8:30 pm.  There will be some awesome groups performing and helping to raise money for some CSC program, I forget which one…

Here is the facebook (hurd of it?!) event:

Most importantly though, our very own MARTIN NOLAN will be co-hosting the event, as well as performing with the sketch comedy group Slow Children at Play.  Haha, Martin is so funny and talented, I’m sure he will do a great job.  Lea won’t be performing, she will just be admiring how cool Martin is while onstage.  This is Lea typing by the way.  That would be weird if Martin were typing this about himself while Lea isn’t here… ha, yeah, so weird… I love Opera.




Luv n HeArTz N Ki$$3s xoxoxoxoxo


Martin doesn’t know I’m doing this…

12 Dec

Oh hey friends, I didn’t see you there.  Literally.  I’m legally blind.  No joke though, I have -8.25 vision.  If you come to Pittsburgh, I’ll let you try on my glasses and experience the horror.  It’s like that Rugrats episode when Chuckie loses his glasses.  When I’m not wearing my glasses, all the furniture in my apartment turns into monsters.

In other news, I hope everyone is having a chummy holiday season!  Pittsburgh is full of chummy things.  According our ASB co friend (yes, we have friends) Andrea Bartunek, Pittsburgh is filled to the brim with dinosaur statues.  So, if you’re interested in attaining an impressive understanding of dinosaur anatomy, this trip is totally for you.  More interesting facts about Awesomecity.  Woops, I meant Pittsburgh.  It’s so easy to get those two confused.

  • Pittsburgh lost the “h” in its spelling in 1891, but after 20 years of protest, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names relented and the “h” was restored.
  • Pittsburgh is home to the first Big Mac.  Created by Jim Delligatti at his Uniontown McDonald’s, the Big Mac debuted and was test marketed in three other Pittsburgh-area McDonald’s restaurants in 1967. By 1968 it was a mainstay on McDonald’s menus throughout the country.
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968) was filmed there.  Also, Angels in the Outfield. Yum, baseball.
  • Andy Warhol, one of the most highly regarded pop artists of the 20th century, was born in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • In 1905 Pittsburgh became the home of the Nickelodeon, the first motion picture house in the United States.
  • I, Lea Madda, will be there from March 12th to March 20th.

Come to Pittsburgh!!! PARTAAAAYYYY


One Month L8r…

29 Nov

Hey hotties,

Want to know more information about the Pace School (that’s…like… the school we’ll be working at)(but never end a sentence with a preposition)?  Click the link below!  We promise it’s a real video- not a virus.  Pinkie swear.

Lea & Martin

Pittsburgh 2011? …Oops, we meant PITTSBURGH 2011!

9 Nov


     This is Lea “Radioactive” Madda and Martin “No Cool Nickname” Nolan!  We are super pumped to go to Pittsburgh, PA this spring break, where the first smiley emoticon was invented in 1982.  In case you are unfamiliar, the smiley emoticon looks like this:


     Ain’t that somethin’ else?  You too can google “cool facts about Pittsburgh” (which, much to Lea’s surprise is indeed spelled with an “h”) if you decide to come on our trip!  Our trip will be doing service at the Pace School, working with children with special needs. 

But on a serious note, please do NOT come on this trip if you do not like singing.  Lea is a professional opera performer (which you think is a joke now…), and will not put up with any haters (aka h8erz).  Speaking of opera, Pittsburgh is home to the nation’s fifth oldest opera company!  Holy smokes!  Martin is cool too! 

K TALK 2 U L8ER :-)

Lea and Martin




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